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BoosterClick Launches in United Kingdom

by on Jan.27, 2014, under United Kingdom

Do you realise that if your business is not listed on the internet you are seriously decreasing your chances of making more sales? Everyday more companies are using websites as a means to advertise their products and services, allowing them to branch out to new potential customers. You may be saying to yourself ‘I don’t know how to create a website’ and even if you did, there’s more to it than you think. Once created you need to optimise it so that it is easier to find on search engines such as Google, This is where we can help you. We are a local, online advertising directory which provides the opportunity for a company with a specific niche to be listed for their area. What separates BoosterClick from other directories is that we only advertise one company for one area, helping to eliminate competition.

We specialises in harnessing technology to optimise listings on search engines such as Bing. What sets BoosterClick apart from other companies is that they develop and grow along with their clients, working closely with them to achieve the best results. striving to provide extremely effective and affordable marketing solutions for any type of business. Whether you are a small company or multimillion pound business, BoosterClick has the capability of greatly increasing your presence on the internet through they’re unique approach to optimisation. Currently there are 4 areas that are available: Bristol, Cardiff, Swansea, and Newport.

The reason their methods are so effective are because unlike other companies, they focus specifically on search engine optimisation. The result is that it’s creators have become experts in this specialist field of work, being able to fully maximise it’s potential through tens of thousands of hours studying HTML. If you have company and are interested in what they can do for you visit their website today.

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Graduate-level Volcano Geophysics Field Course in Ecuador

3 credit-hour course (GEOP572) offered through New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (Socorro, NM) with collaboration from the Instituto Geofisico of the Escuela Politecnica Nacional (Quito)

June 7-27, 2009

New Mexico Tech and the Escuela Politecnica Nacional will offer a 3-week intensive geophysics field course focused on multi-disciplinary volcano geophysics and digital signal processing.  The course will entail hands-on deployment of broadband seismometers, infrasound sensors, and tilt meters at one or more actively erupting volcanoes in Ecuador followed by data collection, processing, and analysis of the data.  Classroom instruction will focus on time series analysis, signal processing, source localization, seismic array analyses, and integrated geophysical data analysis techniques.  Intra-course field trips in physical volcanology are planned for Reventador, Cotopaxi, Guagua Pichincha, and Tungurahua Volcanoes as well as observatories in Quito and at Tungurahua.  Approximately 50% of the course will be spent in the classroom and 50% in the field.

Receipt of a pre-application (see below; due by January 15th) is required in order to register for this course.  Class size is limited to 15 and prerequisites include coursework in college physics, calculus, volcanology, and/or permission of instructors.  Although the class will not be physically grueling, a desire and ability to actively engage in field work is required.  Registration for the 3-credit hour summer course offering (to be listed GEOP572) will be through New Mexico Tech and will cost ~$750.  This registration fee will cover all in-country travel expenses, hardware usage (provided by IRIS PASSCAL, NMT, and IG-EPN), and classroom space.  Lodging, food, and international travel (to Quito) are the responsibilities of the participants, but we expect accommodations plus food not to exceed $1000 for the duration of the course.  Airfare from major U.S. cities to Quito is usually $600-900.  Limited in-country financial support may be available for students who demonstrate need.

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